Monday, November 19, 2012

Cosplayer 112 - Local Spotlight - Zed Mercury

Starting this week, I'll be posting two Cosplayer strips a week until the end of the year. The next four strips will each spotlight an Australian comic that you need to be reading.

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What is Zed Mercury: Psychopomp?
From the minds of writer - Billy Hysteria and artist - Steve Boyd, comes the psychedelic adventures of Zed Mercury! Within the bowels of the underworld, Zed is a pirate, ever questing to fulfil his addiction to Magick Drugs. Our story begins with Zed pulling off another score, but the loot turns out to be something that Zed didn't expect or want! What is it? You'll have to pick up the currently on sale "Zerro Issue" to find out! Once you read this book, you'll be itching for the next issue to continue exploring the bizarre world, accompanied by the artwork of Steve Boyd that will have you scouring every detailed panel for every single little detail.

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