War of the Cosplayers

War of the Cosplayers is a 12 week storyline where you get to decide the outcome!

Each week, Amy and Vanessa will make costumes and compete against one another and all you need to do is comment in the voting album on the Xscript Fiction Facebook page to let us know who you want to win! Your votes will affect the outcome of the story!

Also if you comment on Facebook before the end of January 2012 you will go in to the draw to win the ONLY printed copy of the first year of the Cosplayer.

Round One - The Human Torch VS The Thing
Round Two - Green Arrow VS Green Lantern
Round Three - Cable VS Bishop
Round Four - Aquaman VS Firestorm
Round Five - Doctor Strange VS Doctor Voodoo
Round Six - Plastic Man VS Elongated Man
Round Seven - The Hulk VS Wolverine
Round Eight - The Atom VS Hawkman
Round Nine - Thor VS Hercules
Round Ten - Wonder Woman VS Power Girl
Round Eleven - Iron Man VS Captain America
Round Twelve - Superman VS Batman

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