All the comics, shows, animes etc that I reference I will list here.

001: It Begins
 - for the definition
 - The Flash-mob thing is actually a nod to my other series - SH! Ops

002: Hardships
 - Amy is wearing a Xavier Institute Hoodie.
 - 2nd Panel left to right is Batgirl, Princess Leia, Jubilee, Wonder Woman, Sailor Moon, Renamon
 - Final Panel: Josh's body is He-man. Amy's is Power Girl

003 - 005: Warrior Princess
 - Xena Warrior Princess is a TV show that was awesome. (Covers ears and says "lalala")
 - Calisto was her arch nemesis

006: Variation on a Dream
 - Tribute to a Superman kiss scene

007: Doggy Style
 - A nod to the Hanna Barbera Cartoon Scooby Doo

008: While You Were Sleeping
 - Nod to Neon Genesis Evangelion. A series I'm told I need to watch the rest of.

009: Good Morning Mrs Turner
 - Panels from left to right are Goku, Vash the Stampede, Spock, The Spirit, Harry Potter and Mario
 - Background photos from my parents' house

010: Other Motives
 - Amy's T-shirt is a New X-men T-shirt from Grant Morrison's Run on the book
 - Vanessa's quote at the end is a variation on a Darth Vader line

011 - 013: The Party
 - Barry is dressed as Shrek
 - Josh is dressed as Han Solo
 - Amy's costumes across the night are Peter Parker, Spider-man, Black Spider-man, Armored Spider-man, Bombastic Bag-Man, Scarlet Spider and Iron Spider-Man

014: Gender Bending Time and Space
 - This strip is about Doctor Who
 - Joanna Lumley played the Doctor in the special comedy episode "The Curse of Fatal Death"
 - The Costume Amy is wearing in the last panel is the outfit of the Eighth Doctor

015: Hitting the Target
 - Background is from an actual Target Store where a friend works
 - Panel One is an Optimus Prime helmet
 - Panel Two is a Power Morpher from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
 - Panel Three are Hulk Hands
 - This is based on a true story of a mother who actually said a similar line to a me when she spotted me and a friend in the toy section

016: Bioshock to the Heart
 - BioShock is a video game my friends are obsessed with

017: Wedding Day
 - The Villains at the wedding are Darkseid, Doctor Doom, The Eye of Sauron, Frieza, Boba Fett and Skeletor
 - Skrulls are shapeshifting aliens in Marvel Comics
 - Cylons are human like robots in Battlestar Galactica
 - Possessed Amy is drawn similar to Dark Phoenix

018: Itsa Me
 - The title and theme of this strip is a nod to Super Mario again
 - Items in the first panel are made to be similar to items in the game
 - Josh's dress is like the one worn by the damsel in Mario - Princess Peach
 - The Last Line is from the game as well

019 - 020: The Date
 - Amy's T-shirt is a Fantastic Four T-shirt
 - A Comicbook Orange is a Webshow I love watching hosted by Casey McKinnon
 - Word Balloon is a Comic Podcast hosted by John Siuntres hosted on iFanboy
 - Swamp Thing is a DC comics character
 - Armageddon and Supanova are the two comic conventions I make it to every year
 - Piccolo is a character from Dragonball who can regenerate limbs

021 - 023: The Return of the 80s
 - Thundercats and He-man were two cartoons in the 80s

024: Blackest Night
 - The comic shop attendant is Anna from my other series Xscript
 - Blackest Night was a DC comics story where lots of characters rose from the dead via black rings.
 - During the Blackest Night story - promotional rings were actually handed out with certain comics

025: The L Word
 - Luigi is Mario's sidekick
 - Edward and Alphonse are from Full Metal Alchemist
 - Kirk and Spock are from Star Trek
 - Holmes and Watson are classic characters
 - Adam West was the man who played Batman in the old live action show
 - Tuxedo Mask is Sailor Moon's Love Interest

026: A Flarking Good Time
 - "Flark" is the curse word characters in Marvel's Space Books use
 - First panel is a shot of Starlord and Rocket Raccoon from the Thanos Imperative Comic
 - Second panel Amy and Josh are watching Baccano
 - Red Dwarf is a show where their curse word is "Smeg"

027 - 028 : The Morning After
 - Amy is dressed as "The Scarlet Witch"
 - In the flashback, Amy is dressed as Jonah Hex

029 - 032: Legends of the Cosplayer
 - Story One is based on the comic book "Dark Knight Returns" where a retired Bruce Wayne dons the costume again to fight crime
 - In the party scene characters are Green Lantern, Animal Man, Martian Manhunter, Flash, Starfire, Nightwing, and Booster Gold
 - Story Two is based on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
 - Story Three's mysterious stranger is The Man Himself
 - Amy's homage outfits are Captain America, Cyclops, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Human Torch and Giant Man
 - The Angels are dressed as Star Trek Cadet, Batman, Aang the Last Airbender, Slave Leia, Pikachu, Samus Aran and Sasuke Uchiha
 - Story Four references the Vitruvian Man
 - Story Five references a similar origin to Booster Gold, but Amy is wearing the same outfit as Jane Jetson
 - Amy's jacket in the last panel is similar to one worn by Cassie Sandsmark - Wonder Girl

033: Authentic
 - Swimsuit is an R2-D2 swimsuit sold by Black Milk

034: A Certain Shade of Green
 - Green Lantern was a 2011 film starring Ryan Reynolds
 - Green Hornet was also a 2011 superhero film

035: Greek History Lesson
 - Artemis was an amazon comic character who was Wonder Woman for a stint in the 90s

036: Heading Home
 - Josh's t-shirt is from Blink 182 - The Mark Tom and Travis Show
 - Amy is dressed as Supergirl

037: The Many Loves of Peter Parker
 - Spider-man is a Marvel Comics Character
 - His first love interest was Betty Brant, after one of Spider-man's earlier adventures she blamed him for the death of her brother
 - Gwen Stacy was another love interest. She was killed by the Green Goblin
 - Mary Jane was a love interest he actually married before his marriage was taken by the devil (see One More Day)

038: Vanessa Returns
 - No Notations

039: Baroness Awesome Begins
 - Amy is dressed as Batman

040: Future Shock
 - In her first visible panel - Amy is dressed as Tom Baker's Doctor Who
 - In the second panel, Amy is dressed as Matt Smith's Doctor Who

041: Watching 300 Sucker Punches
 - Zach Snyder is director of films Watchmen, 300 and Sucker Punch
 - In the kick panel, Vanessa is dressed as the Blue Beetle and Amy as Aquaman
 - In the last panel, Vanessa is the Captain Marvel from DC Comics, Amy is the Captain Marvel from Marvel Comics

042 - 045: The Search for Amy Keller
 - The Mason Street Bar is a common hangout for all the Xscript Fiction Characters
 - For their wild night out - Amy is dressed as Hawkeye from the Avengers and Vanessa is dressed as the Black Panther from the Avengers
 - Josh's t-shirt is of Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory Album
 - The Song Vanessa and Amy are singing is the theme to the Avengers Cartoon
 - The Picture on Angus' wall is of him with writer Brian Michael Bendis

046: A Career in Heroics
 - Panel two, Amy is dressed as The Flash
 - Last Panel, Amy is dressed as Superwoman from All Star Superman

047: Maternal Non-Instinct
 - The guy in the first panel has a likeness to Mitch who works at my local comic shop
 - Etrigan the Demon is a DC comics character
 - Age of Apocalypse is an X-men storyline
 - Promotional plastic rings were handed out with DC's Blackest Night storyline
 - Pikachu  is a Pokemon
 - Hogwarts is the school in the Harry Potter books

048: Holy Bat-Burgers Batman
 - The guy working the counter is the Red Haired guy from my Xscript series
 - Amy is dressed as Batman

049 - 050: A Career in Heroics Redux
 - The art in this strip is a nod to "Seven Soldiers" a comic book where seven characters are bound by fate to destroy a villainous horde.
 - In the first panel Amy is wearing a Shining Knight t-shirt
 - In the second panel Amy is dressed as Frankenstein
 - In the second panel the man is reading the Manhattan Guardian Newspaper
 - In the second panel the man is Dan's Father from Xscript
 - In the third panel Amy is dressed as Zatanna
 - In the fourth panel Amy makes reference to Mister Miracle
 - In the fifth panel Amy is re-enacting a scene as the Bulleteer
 - In the fifth panel in the background is a man bearing resemblance to Klarion the Witch Boy

051: Not Preview
 - In the elevator, Amy and Vanessa are dressed as  Spider-man and Black Spider-man
 - In the skittles panel, Vanessa is Green Lantern and Amy is Green Arrow
 - In the body swap panel, Amy is dressed as the Wasp from Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
 - If Superman comes in to contact with Gold Kryptonite he loses his powers forever
 - The layout of the last panel is a homage to a Spider-man page where Peter Parker quits.
 - In the bin you can see Iron Man's Gauntlet, Martian Manhunter's Cape, Aquaman's Trident, Hulk Hands, Superman's Cape and Wolverine's mask

052: Garbage Days
 - Panel One, Amy is dressed as Impulse
 - Panel Two, Amy is dressed as Jamie Madrox the Multiple Man
 - Panel Three, Amy is dressed as Titus from Final Fantasy
 - Panel Four, Amy is dressed as Han Solo
 - Panel Five, Amy is dressed as Catwoman

053: Six Links To Serenity
 - The Bat-pole is a recurring thing in the old Batman show
 - Moon Knight is a Marvel Comics character currently being written by Brian Michael Bendis
 - Spider-Woman was also a recently revived character by Brian Michael Bendis
 - Peter Milligan has written some very well received Batman Stories
 - X-statix was also a book by Peter Milligan
 - Orphan was a character in X-statix
 - Orphen was an Anime series about a Sorcerer
 - Dungeons and Dragons is a table top roleplaying game
 - Pikachu is a Pokemon
 - Star Trek is a Science Fiction Film Franchise Rebooted with a film starring Chris Pine
 - Firefly was a television series which concluded in the film Serenity, created by Joss Whedon

 - Doctor Girlfriend is a character on the show Venture Bros. She is a woman with the voice of a man

055: Caught with Your Super Pants Down
 - Vanessa is dressed as Jean Grey in her Phoenix Costume

056: It's Dee Enn Dee
 - Dungeons and Dragons is a table top roleplaying game
 - The crew Amy is joining are my former Dungeons and Dragons Crew

057: A Storm Is Coming
 - The poster features Captain America and Iron Man
 - In the small panel, Amy is wearing a Fantastic Four outift

058: War of the Cosplayers Round 1
 - Vanessa is dressed as "The Human Torch" from the Fantastic Four
 - Amy is dressed as "The Thing" from the Fantastic Four

059: War of the Cosplayers Round 2
 - Amy is dressed as Green Lantern, Hal Jordan
 - Vanessa is dressed as Green Arrow

060: War of the Cosplayers Round 3
 - Vanessa is dressed as Lucas Bishop, from the X-men comics
 - Amy is dressed as Cable, from the X-men comics.

061: War of the Cosplayers Round 4
 - Amy is dressed as DC Comics character, Firestorm
 - Vanessa is dressed as DC Comics character, Aquaman

062: War of the Cosplayers Round 5
 - Vanessa is dressed as Doctor Voodoo, the Marvel character formerly known as "Brother Voodoo"
 - Amy is dressed as Marvel Comics character, Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme

063: War of the Cosplayers Round 6
 - Amy is dressed as DC Comics detective, Ralph Dibny - the Elongated Man
 - Vanessa is dressed as DC Comics character, Plastic Man

064:  War of the Cosplayers Round 7
 - Amy is dressed as the Hulk, in his gladiatorial outfit from the storyline "Planet Hulk"
 - Vanessa is dressed as X-men character, Wolverine.

065: War of the Cosplayers Round 8
 - Amy is dressed as the size changing DC Comics character, The Atom
 - Vanessa is dressed as DC comics character, Hawkman.

066: War of the Cosplayers Round 9
 - Amy is dressed as Avengers character, and Norse God, Thor
 - Vanessa is dressed as the Marvel interpretation of Greek God, Hercules
 - Mindy is licking a copy of the Red Hulk comic, written by Jeph Loeb, drawn by Ed Mc Guinness
 - In his rant, Mister Pedantic references the following...
 ...Wolverine was a character whose true origins were always a mystery, until in the 2000's when Marvel Comics decided to tell Wolverine's full origin.
 ...Maxima is a lesser known member of the Justice League.
 ...Retcon (abbreviation of Retroactive Continuity) is a term used to when a writer decides to change a previous story to tell a new story.

067: War of the Cosplayers Round 10
 - Amy is dressed as Power Girl, the cousin of Superman
 - Vanessa is dressed as Wonder Woman

068: War of the Cosplayers Round 11
 - Amy is dressed as Captain America
 - Vanessa is dressed as Iron Man

069: War of the Cosplayers Round 12
 - Amy is dressed as Batman
 - Vanessa is dressed as Superman

070: Aftermath
 - Amy's pose is a homage to Uncanny X-men 138, where Cyclops walks away from the X-men
 - Her jacket however is from Grant Morrison's run on New X-men, when the team wore leather uniforms instead of spandex costumes

071: Secret Identity
 - Vanessa's outfit is that of Jenny Sparks, from the comic "The Authority" and "Stormwatch"
 - The item that Josh's mum finds is a corset, part of X-men character, Emma Frost's outfit.

072: CosplayerMAX
 - Vanessa's costumes are as follows...
 ...Panel One - Vegata from Dragonball Z
 ...Panel Three - Sasha from Titan Maximum
 ...Panel Four - Padme Amidala from Star Wars
 ...Panel Five - Zoe from Firefly

073: Skin Deep
 - Vanessa is dressed as DC Comics character, Black Lightning, a member of the superhero team "The Outsiders"
 - Geoforce is also a member of the Outsiders

074: Quick on the Draw
 - Amy is playing Dungeons and Dragons, a table top roleplaying game
 - "Whirlwind" is an attack in the game that allows a fighter to attack all surrounding enemies
 - "Quickdraw" is the ability to draw your weapon without using an action.

075: Power Couple Couple Power
 - Vanessa's t-shirt in the last panel is the same as the costume of Image Comics character "Invincible"

076: As Silent as a Lamb
 - "The Silence of the Lambs" is a film staring Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter.

077: Justice Avengers
 - The Justice League is DC Comics flagship superhero team, like the Avengers is for Marvel Comics. Barry really hasn't done his research.
 - Barry is dressed as "The Flash" and his friends are dressed as "Captain Marvel" and "Spider-man"

078: Dangerzone
 - This is a parody of a common dialogue in the FX animated spy series, "Archer".

079: This Joke Went South
 - The Comedy Channel Show, South Park features a character named "Kenny" who is killed every episode. Whenever this happens his friends Stan and Kyle say "Oh My God! You Killed Kenny" and "You Bastard" or a variation of.

080: Wonder Tan
 - Wonder Woman is a DC Comics character, who wears a distinct shaped breast plate.

081: Alias - Amy Keller
 - Sydney Bristow was the lead character in the spy TV series "Alias".

082: Muscles Suit
 - Amy pictures Mason Moreau as the following characters...
 ...Captain America
 ...He Man
 ...The Hulk
 ...Luke Cage, Power Man. The Hero For Hire
 ...King Leonidas from Frank Miller's 300.
 - Ed McGuinness is a comic book artist known for his muscular designs.

083: Re-Cognition
 - Non-Canonical is a Melbourne based, Australian Podcast.

084: Legends of the Cosplayer - A Woman of Wonder
 - In the first panel, Vanessa is wearing a Pink Power Rangers T-Shirt
 - The origin story told by the store patrons is that of Wonder Woman.

085: Legends of the Cosplayer - Who Is A Doctor?
 - Doctor Who is a character who regenerates in to a new body whenever he dies.
 - In this comic, Amy (as the 7th Doctor) regenerates in to Vanessa (as the 8th Doctor)

086: Legends of the Cosplayer - New and Improved
 - The origin story told by the store patrons is that of the Six Million Dollar Man

087: Legends of the Cosplayer - Supreme
 - The origin story told by the store patrons is that of Doctor Strange.

088: Caught in the Act
 - J'onn J'onzz The Martian Manhunter is a DC Comics character.

089: Depp and Meaningful
 - Jack Sparrow is a character from the Pirates of the Caribbean films portrayed by Johnny Depp. His signature line is "This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught Jack Sparrow!"

090: The Write Stuff
 - Castle is a crime show featuring a writer who follows a policewoman as inspiration for his novels.
 - Vanessa's last line is a variation of the opening to the show: "There are two types of people who think about how to kill people. Psychopaths and mystery writers. I'm the kind that pays better."

091: Chocolate Coating
 - Faye Valentine is a character from the anime, Cowboy Bebop.

093: Explaining to Megan pt 1
 - As she explains comics to Megan, Amy references the following...
 ...S.H.I.E.L.D. a comic written by Jonathan Hickman
 ...The Fantastic Four who gain their powers via cosmic rays.
 ...Fables: the story of how the characters from fairy tales are exiled from their homelands and seek refuge in New York.
 ...Aquaman is a character who can communicate with fish, but in a recent issue clarifies that he cannot "talk" to them.
 ...Wildguard is a comic by Todd Nauck, featuring an American Idol style competition being used to form a new super hero team.
 ...Killer of Demons is a comic about a man who is the only one who can see demons who are disguised as humans. the story line Captain America Reborn, the explanation for what has happened to Steve Rogers is that he's "Lost in Time and Space"
 ...WE3 is a comic by Grant Morrison about three animals who are equipped with an arsenal of heavy weaponry by an experimental government program.
 ...Dragonball Z, the story of Goku, an alien boy who falls to Earth, and then becomes it's greatest defender.
 ...It could be ALOT of comics.
 ...Life With Archie, is a comic that features two stories about two different worlds. One where Archie is married to Betty, and the other where he's married to Veronica.
 ...In the DC Comics story line, Infinite Crisis, a bunch of changes were made to the history of DC comics, which were explained by Superboy punching an inter-dimensional wall.

094: Explaining to Megan pt 2
 - Amy is doodling a costume design for DC Comics character, Booster Gold

095: How I Met Your Mothers
 - How I Met Your Mother, is a popular American Sitcom, narrated in the same style as this comic.

096: Amy on Infinite Earths
 - Earth 104 features Amy as Superman and Josh as Lois Lane, like in the film Superman Returns

097: Cut This Scene
 - Many video games feature the ability to steer the course of a dialogue.

100: True Colours
 - Booster Gold and the Blue Beetle were two members of the Justice League International, known for their banter and hijinks.

More coming soon...

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