So what do you want to know?

Who am I?
Like a lot of kids I wanted to make comic books. Now that I'm grown up I've got my non-comic related degree and I'm working in my not-comic related profession but I still kind of want to make comics. Jim Lee had a psych degree, so why not? So right now I'm a Melbourne based casual comic artist.

What is Xscript?
Xscript was my little pet project. It started in 7th Grade and then bloomed in to what it is today. Currently it consists of 3 main projects - "Xscript", "SH! Ops" and "The Cosplayer". The Cosplayer used to run on the Xscript site but I felt the Cosplayer needed it's own sister site. Also I produce one-off projects all the time including a yearly comic I hand out at Melbourne Comic Conventions. Everything I write occurs in the same universe so you may see nods to other projects from time to time. Click here if you're interested.

Why write about Cosplaying?
It lets me draw anything I want. BioShock. Power Rangers. Batman. Anything. I like doing fan art but at the end of the day if I draw an Avengers picture - it doesn't really serve a purpose. If I can tell a story while drawing what I love then awesome. I love meeting cosplayers at cons to see what they can tell me about the craft.

Can I Contact You? Can I Ask More Questions?
Sure. Comment below or click here for my email.

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